My work is spirit-guided and intuitive incorporating ancient and recent healing energy techniques.  They include The Body Code, Reiki, Stones for Mental/Emotional Wellness, and the use of magnets.

The Body Code--a form of energy work.  It's designed to help identify and correct imbalances that can cause emotional and physical problems for people.  The premise is that the human body has a powerful ability to restore its own health if conditions are right.  Florence Nightingale said: "Nature alone cures. The task of nursing is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him."

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") The word is derived from two Japanese words--"rei" meaning "Universal Spirit" and "ki" meaning "life force energy."  This modality is a relaxation technique. It can be done at a distance.

Stones for Mental/Emotional Wellness: Basic training included a course called Stone and Crystal Therapy Foundation Series, taught by Kathleen T. Egan of The Healing Village, where I learned the properties of stones and their therapeutic applications.  Then I had the great privilege of attending a live presentation "Stones for Mental/Emotional Wellness" taught by Jeffrey C. Yuen at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, NC.

Magnetic energy:  Magnets are a pure form of energy & make an excellent carrier of intention (the intention being to release a trapped emotion.)  However, having a magnet is not required, since we humans are pure energy.  Simply the use of the hand down the governing meridian can result in the release of a negative emotion.