I began to look at ways to regain my health in my body and mind when medicine & therapy seemed to stop working.  But the voice in my head kept saying  "the body was built to heal itself."  I was led to several methods of energy work, and attempted to practice each, but found only partial results; however, I didn't quit looking. One day someone interviewed the author of The Emotion Code--Bradley Nelson, DO (retired.)  What he said registered.  A wonderful friend/colleague arranged for him to do a workshop in our area.  I learned the technique, practiced it and noticed I was less worried, my shoulders relaxed, my heart was opening to new possibilities.  When I used this method on others, they shared similar stories. With advanced training, I moved into the realm of The Body Code and became a practitioner. Life was really good!

Yet, in 2017 I experienced more life challenges that came to crisis in mid-2020. There were many voices in the world telling me what I ought do to muster the courage to get-out-of or get-over the mess.  But I learned I must go through it, and went to the woods to listen....literally.  I had to get quiet, quiet my thoughts.  For this I'm forever grateful. 

During the time of reflection, isolation, limiting contact with the world, I continued to study & apply  self-care measures, trusted the loving, compassionate and learned teachers until I realized I still had something to offer others. 
Learning accountability for my health, incorporating  ancient teachings and self-compassion converged into a grand oneness of being and has given me yet another opportunity to share these methods with others.

​from Henry David Thoreau: I took a walk in the woods & came out taller than the trees.