Welcome to a place of support and love-guiding you with practices that may help you find balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit.  I am grateful for your interest.

I am an energy healing practitioner and a holistic retired nurse.

In 2013 I began offering energy healing sessions to others after personally it had become possible for me to live a life of joy.  I had learned during many sessions that forgiveness and letting go of the past were possible.  The process included peeling away the layers that seemed to block my efforts to live in the present.

Perhaps life seems overwhelming to you, maybe you feel lost, or have relationship difficulties, or experience discomfort.   

Perhaps these words may be of help to you:   "What lies behind us, and what lies before us, Are tiny matters compared to What lies within us."  something I read from a Heart Sutra that rang true.
Is this the time to take the first step?
​If so, please read on.